Student Expectations: (adapted from Region XI online courses)

1) Assume responsibility for your own learning.
This class is both project-based and discussion-based. Module introductions and tutorial links will only touch on some of the most important aspects of your assignments and will highlight and clarify important concepts. As a result, you will be expected to assume a great deal of responsibility for your own learning outcomes. If you are highly motivated, logon and participate several times in each module, and produce products - you will be successful. However, if you logon sporadically, participate minimally, or submit poor work - you will not. Online learning is aimed at independent learners. If you require the structure of a classroom, this method will not suit you.

"You will get out of the class what you put into it"... this couldn't be more true than in an online class. There is no instructor looking over your shoulder to make sure you are completing all the assignments. Learning online allows you a lot of flexibility. It also takes self-discipline. Dedicate time at a regular interval to work on.

2) You are part of a virtual community.
The goal for this class is to create a "community of learners;" therefore, we will expect everyone to actively participate in discussion and peer review by contributing to the initial topic and responding to at least one other contribution to your facilitated thread along with responding to at least one other classmate's initial contribution to the initial topic. Other classmates are looking forward to hearing from you. They want to hear about your discoveries and opinions on the lesson's topics. They are there to learn with you, along side you. Please speak and listen with utmost respect.

In short, I hope that we will engage in a lively discussion about topics related to the online learning. Our primary role is to act as a facilitator of learning, which is why taking responsibility for your own learning and participation becomes so important.

3) Keep a Journal or "Learning Log" on your own wiki.
Keep a journal and submit your reflection at the end of each Module. The intent of your journal is to highlight your personal dimensions of learning; to have you articulate and document your personal learning odyssey through this course. Our hope is that your journal will help give us (and of course, you) a rich picture of your learning experience, and over time allow us to refine assessments to embrace the learning process in its entirety.

4) Course Competency: This program is developed with the expectation that you will already know how to operate a computer with proficiency and browse the Internet. The course also has the expectation that you are a wanting participant in an online course environment.

5) Meet deadlines and practice time management.
Although this is an online course in which you have the flexibility of setting your own work schedule, you will be expected to adhere to our class schedule for assignment and participation/response due dates. You will have one week to work on each project. Plan and begin early; do not wait until the last minute to prepare assignments for submission.