Announcements with date sent

First Day- Welcome, Our first module is wikis... etc.
We will be posting modules a week early in case you want to work ahead but please don't get behind.


I also want to emphasize that discussions are assigned a due date mostly because we all can only benefit fully from the discussion if we are all present at the same time. Adding your contribution to a discussion long after the due date would be like a student coming to your classroom at 7
o'clock at night to participate in your class discussion. There wouldn't be anyone there to hear what they had to say (except maybe the custodial staff). While I realize that in most cases I am preaching to the choir, it never hurts to be reminded now and then.

Role of the Instructors

Don't forget, ask questions if you feel lost or confused. I would like to suggest that you ask those questions on the Help Desk page. If you have a question it is more than likely that someone else has the same question and they just have not asked.

IMPORTANT>>> due to the ever-changing environment of the internet - sometimes links will go down --if you find any broken links in the readings, syllabus, etc -- please post it in the Help Desk and let them know what course, module and document -- that really helps us out and keeps your information as current as possible.