Lesson 12- Other Web 2.0 Quickies

December 6-12

Upon completion of this module, the student will be able to:
1. Explain the advantages of selected Web 2.0 “quickie” tool.
2. Create something using the selected Web 2.0 “quickie” tool.
3. Explain how to use the various Web 2.0 “quickie” tools in the classroom.
Grading for Module- 1 hour credit=100 points
Journal entry on wiki- 25 points
Discussion participation- 25 points
Product- Web 2.0 “quickie” product- 50 points


Web 2.0 "quickies" are sites that we thought were fun but didn't really fit into an other category. These sites range from word clouds to avatars to quick and easy things to do with digital images. We hope you enjoy checking them out!


  1. On your Digital Dozen wiki, create a new page called "Web 2.0 Quickies".
  2. Briefly explore the Web 2.0 "quickie" tools listed below. Read the tutorials and idea links for each tool.
  3. Select the tool that you like best and create an account (if necessary). Create something you can use in your classroom.
  4. On your "Web 2.0 Quickies" page on your Wikispace, write your ideas for using these tools personally or in your classroom. Embed, insert or link to your product.
  5. Answer the discussion question found on the Discussions tab of this wiki page.
  6. Read the answers to the discussion questions posted by your fellow Digital Dozen classmates. Respond to any posts you feel strongly about or have something to add to.
Ideas for Using



Use the badges to create name tags for field trips.

Use the Trading Cards to create Flora and Fauna Cards

Create an Avatar to use as with your online presence
Student created National Park trading cards.

Create Movie Posters to share about a book or time in History.

More ideas in the slide show below this table
(or other alternative word cloud site)

Alternatives to Wordle:


Taking it a step farther... edit your word cloud with Picnic:


Have students create a story starter sentence on a PicLit picture. Post the picture to their blog and other students can continue the story in the comments. (Could also be done as a collaborative story on a wiki).



Make a Voki.com avatar for a famous person in history. Record your voice for it to speak and allow other students to guess who it is. Or put the avatars in famous places and points in history. Have students write about the place or event from a first person point of view. Have students create book trailers with avatars representing the characters.



Voki for Education

The Newspaper Generator
1. Type your newspaper title, date, headline and article.
2. Click GENERATE.
3. Make changes as needed to fit the article onto the image.
4. Click DOWNLOAD YOUR IMAGE and save the file to the desired location.
Creative writing

Write about famous battles or events in history.
Text to speech
1. Type in or copy and paste some text into the field.
2. Choose a male or female voice from the dropdown box.
3. Click the "Create mp3" button.
4. A new window will open with your text as an audio clip.
5. Right click on the "Download mp3" link and choose "Save Link As.."
6. Save the file to your computer
7. Use in class or add to your webpage
Embed vozme on a web page with text copied and pasted into it